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Providing Strategic Legal and Business Solutions.

CMN Advisors strives to create a personal accretive and transparent relationship with our clients as the primary source for day-to-day legal consultation. CMN Advisors provides custom fit legal and business solutions at competitive rates. We offer the services of a solution-orientated counsel who applies more than 35 years of legal experience. As a value-added member of your organization’s professional team, we stand ready to assist on an assignment or regular engagement basis, freeing you and your executives to address primary or principal operations.    

About Our Company 

As a small organization, we go above and beyond to ensure exceptional, highly personalized service for those we serve. Our goal is to give our clients top-quality legal and business solutions at competitive fees. Working closely with management’s budget, project scope and goals, CMN Advisors offers an hourly, task based and/or term engagement fee structure. 

Goal-Focused Solutions 

Our focus is to extend the reach of your enterprise by allowing you to shift key tasks to our team, engaging us to undertake transaction management, explore revenue enhancements, expansion and acquisition opportunities, address exit strategies and succession plans and prepare for and implement programs to address changes in the business or financial landscape, all at a cost-efficient basis.  Whether a start-up, or legacy enterprise, the reliability of consistent business and legal counsel, provides a foundation for success.  Driven by the client’s needs, CMN Advisors structures its arrangement to accommodate the timeline and cost sensitivity of the undertaking.  We prefer to have our clients rely upon us then shy away because of the expense.  Your success is a reflection on us.

Our Services

Acquisition and Disposition

We offer strategic advice on buying and selling business enterprises. We leverage the unmatched knowledge and experience of a legal practitioner who can help you make profitable decisions.

Real Estate Financing and Investment

Our company is trusted and preferred for dependable real estate advisory services. We take the time to thoroughly understand your investment objectives, giving you practical guidance for your needs.

Business Administration and Governance

Our time in the industry has allowed us to address the most complex business concerns. Rest easy knowing we can give you expert advice on managing a successful enterprise.

Areas of Specific Engagement

Acquisitions, Leasing, Depositions Across all Asset and Property Classes (Office, Multi-housing, Retail, Hotel/Lodging, Industrial/Warehouse, Self-Storage, Land and Mixed-Use, Ground-up Development, Adaptive Refuse)Private Business and Equity Acquisition / Investment in Technology, Retail, Manufacturing, Family officeDebt, Equity, and Partnership Structuring Preferred Equity Investments, Debt Investments, Single-Asset and Joint Ventures
Structuring Debt and Equity Transactions for Closely Held / Family Offices / Private Investors / Developers1031 Investment Structuring Dispositions and Exit StrategiesTarget Opportunities, Acquisition Identification, and Project Diligence
Turnaround / Restructuring ServicesLoan and Financing, Modification, Assumptions, CMBS RecapitalizationCorporate Governance and Legacy Planning
Turn-Key Transaction Management with Emphasis on Real Estate and Private Capital InvestmentsOngoing and Day-to-Day Management Advisory to Closely-Held and Family BusinessCapital Event Planning Including Sale of Business Components
Crisis ManagementDispute Prevention and ResolutionWhite Collar Advisor on Restitution, Forfeiture, Fines, and Penalties

Special Engagements

On a select basis, and as part of its services to the closely held business and its owners, CMN Advisors provides special counsel advice to Businesses and Individuals facing pre and post indictment issues on restitution and forfeiture.   Working closely with your primary criminal counsel, CMN Advisors assists in understanding, managing, and planning for the impact of financial exposure associated with restitution, forfeiture, fines and penalties.

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